Changes to our store during COVID-19…

This virus has changed our lives forever and most importantly how we live now so I ask you all to be kind to us in these very challenging times. It’s quite stressful still being open to the general public with this virus. Please note the following changing changes to the Forrest General Store:
Open 8 am-1pm, 7 days a week until further notice.
One customer is allowed instore at a time for safe social distancing. Please be quick with ordering to ensure less people queuing outside of store.
No one is allowed to sit or congregate o utside of store after being served by order of Police of Victoria.
Please use hand sanitiser as you enter the store always.
Please pay with eftpos tap and go/ pay wave and do not touch our eftpos terminal so there is no contact/cross contamination.
Please do not lean or touch services and stand 2 metres away from us at all times.
If you are unwell do not visit our store.
I am trying to stay open to continue to serve your mail, newspapers, milk, bread, coffee etc but I need your cooperation with following these new rules. I am trying my best to protect the health of myself and my staff and for our community. If you have an issue with this please speak directly to me about this. Do not complain to my staff about this as they are under enough pressure during these times.
I look forward to better times ahead with you all… please be kind to each other and stay at home and stay safe!
Thank you Sal x